Recovery costs per Hour for Permanent Staff.....

For your business to be profitable, you must review exactly the cost of running your business, and a significant component of those costs is the REAL cost of an employee.


Comparison Hourly Rate = ("X" Salary + SGL) x "Y" loading
.................................. "W" period

The above will illustrate the actual recovery costs required per permanent employee per hour to operate a profitable business.

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The "Y" loading multiplier
is made up of three components

(1) "Employment on-costs"


(2) "Business on-costs "


(3) "Non-Billable administration on-costs"

The"W" refers to"actual work time" in hours

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The client then ADDS to the hourly rate a Company profit component.

It's important to have a nucleus of permanent staff, but effective management should employ Engineering Technical staff on an "as needs" basis so as to create business profitability, employ contract labour on a "AS NEEDS DICTATE" basis.

As Contract personnel are supplied at an hourly rate, it is appropriate to
convert Permanent staff salary packages to a comparison hourly rate.

New ATO Reporting effects companies as of July 2012

Businesses in the building / construction industry engaging DIRECT contract labour are now subject to greater scrutiny by the Federal Government, new legislation stating July 1st 2012 puts greater responsibility on those businesses.

For an explanation call us and we are able to instruct you as to what is
changing as to your working relationship with direct hire contract labour

Clients in the construction industry engaging contract labour through Commercial Design regardless of the number of onhired personnel through us will have a less complicated time complying with the new legislation as we do the reporting for you!