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Here at Commercial Design our design process eliminates guesswork and approximations. With our technical capabilities and years of experience we design and engineer to defined standards to approved engineering practices and in compliance to Australian & international standards as applicable .
Our Civil/Structural design consultancy and design verification services include but are not restricted to Bulk Materials Handling for the Mining industry, Bins, Tank Farms, industrial structure, civil foundations etc

We nurture lasting business relationship

After more than 50 years in the industry, Commercial Design is proud to be still 100% Australian Owned Company..Best of all is price, expert design at a realistic price, fully insured..

A satisfied client is our highest priority

Commercial Design's business relationships to industry are based on mutual respect, realistic budget estimates of project costs and timely completion of scheduled tasks

Performance based on dedication

In our 50 plus years in Engineering , Commercial Design has established an unparalleled reputation for integrity and independence..

Satifaction guaranteed

In our Design services department we handle all aspects of Civil/Structural and Bulk Materials handling engineering projects of all sizes and scales. A major scope of project work is associated with Civil/Structural Design Verification...


Our committment to detail

Our goals are to continue to focus on client satisfaction through total quality and an increased awareness of the global economy and its impact on industry....

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Return business is the foundation stone of Commercial Design's success

Finally, we treat our clients with respect, fairness and honesty. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business from clients with unsolicited requests. ..