*Delivery by experienced, industry-specific owner-operator
    *No Commissioned paid consultants(looking after clients interests not theirs)
    *Highly specialised industry knowledge with over 50 + years in engineering technical recruitment
    *All consultants are tertiary qualified in engineering
    *Tailored fee structure relating to candidate experience
    *Economic benefits of supporting Australian-owned
    *Access to high quality, industry-specific candidates in all aspects of engineering
    *Single assignment dedication

The Critical Recruitment Process

How critical is the recruitment process to your business? Companies sourcing technical engineering personnel must learn how and why to outsource the recruiting function to a Specialist Recruitment Agency. Commercial Design has for the past 50 + years been a specialist Recruitment Agency for the supply of both permanent and hourly rate contract personnel.

In engineering, you don't give design work to an unqualified junior, so how is it that unqualified recruitment consultants, either internally or externally, should be responsible for the selection of engineering personnel both permanent and hourly rate contract.
Employers engaging Generalist foreign Owned Agencies invariably runs the risk of engaging an Agency with a lack of engineering expertise needed to expertly asses the information provided by candidates. This results in either of two outcomes, any and every one being offered for consideration because ceratin words were found on the Resume, or alterntively,overly long, unpleasant assesment of background and skills prior to the interview processes. This approach turns off most applicants who may be appropriate for the role.

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Our Main Services Overview

Our Technical Consultants

At Commercial Design our technical consultants are tertiary qualified in Engineering with extensive background experience prior to joining us. All have inexcess of 10 years continued employment with Commercial Design.

Appropriately qualified personnel

We conduct exhaustive interviews and testing of candidates to ensure that at time of candidate sumbission they possess not only the right skills, but also the right work ethic.

Whats covered

Hourly rate contract personnel takes the complexity out of hiring, the Tax invoice for their services covers State (work cover, payroll tax) and Federal (PAYG, SGL, GST). On hired personnel are also covered for Public liability and Professional indemnity.

Take Note!

The Federal Governments' new legislation on engaging direct contract labour puts greater responsibility on businesses. Clients engaging contract labour through us regarless of the number of onhired personnel fill out only one form.

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Time and labour costs

Profitability is paramount to the success of a business, permanent staff costs go well beyond the obvious salary package. Contact Commercial Design and we will show you how to calculate real cost of an employee.

Design Consultancy

In our Engineering design consultancy department we handle civil, structural and Bulk Materials handling engineering projects of all sizes and scales.